My name is Alrisa Kleyn

I was made, born and raised on a far and remote corner of the world. It was heaven on earth, but like every other person we had to have food. Now the question is, how did you get food when you lived on a very far, very remote farm? Well, here is my story and how I learned to love living off the land.

On our farm we had a greenhouse garden where we planted all types of vegetables and fruits. These were pickled and stored away for the winter months. My passion came from quality versus quantity. I am telling you the taste of home-grown fruits and vegetables is just so much better, not to mention the health and environmental benefits it has. We were so healthy and happy.  I was taught from a very young age what it is to plant flowers, fruits, vegetables and even trees.

We had the most amazing patio with lilies, daisies, canterbury bells, jingle bells, roses and even fruits like strawberries! Now those I call the forbidden fruit because I would always steal the first red, ripe and plump strawberry of the season.

My grandmother played a big role in why I have such a passion for plants, she taught me all I know and with that knowledge I have successfully grown and produced many plants, vegetables and fruits. She inspired me to be able to sustain myself even if you have no other resources.

Being a child none of this made sense to me but as I grew older, I understood what it all meant and how great it is for the environment. I was so proud to be able to know and grow everything I need to survive.

I feel it is important to have options and to be able to sustain yourself if a situation takes a turn for the worst. If you care about the environment and want to learn to take care of yourself and the earth’s needs, I would be a perfect candidate for this position.

Growing plants, fruits and vegetables isn’t always easy because sometimes you get bad seeds, the seasonal impacts aren’t correct, the soil isn’t fertile or it could be your fertilizer. Sometimes it could be the plant itself. There are many aspects to consider if you plant or grow something and you have to have patience, commitment and love.

In my opinion having and growing plants helps you to be happy, healthy and in a positive mindset because you learn to take care of things other than yourself, it teaches you key skills in life. It’s a great way to take your mind off things and even to rehabilitate yourself.

On the right you will see some pictures of my greenhouse garden during winter time, and a picture of me to put a face to who you trust with your garden.