How do You Get Rid of Spider Mites on a Bird of Paradise?

Tetranychidae, more commonly known as spider mites, are a common houseplant pest. They are, in fact, not insects but more closely related to spiders. They are very small, at only 0.4mm (1/50 inch) big. They create a fine webbing across the leaves.


How to control the spread of spider mites

Regularly hose down your plant

Rain has the ability to fling spider mites off plants. To mimic this, wash your Bird of paradise down using a hosepipe with a steady stream of water.

Biological control

If you have a spider mite issue, one option is to use other predators. Ladybugs, lacewings and other mites prey on spider mites. This is a great natural, eco-friendly way to keep those pesky spider mites at bay.

Insecticidal, horticultural and dormant oils

Insecticidal soaps should be used during the warm summer months. It’s important to thoroughly coat the plant in soap during treatment, as the soap is only effective at killing the mites upon contact.

Horticultural oils can be used to keep populations of spider mites at bay. These are best used during the warm summer months. Avoid spraying this on your plants’ blooms as it may injure them.

Dormant oils are the same as horticultural oil, but can be used to kill any spider mites during the fall and spring months.