Bird of Paradise Prices – What Cost to Expect

The Bird of Paradise is a popular houseplant known for its large foliage. Native to South Africa, it grows in abundance, flourishing in the hot and humid climate.

The plant requires lots of sunlight to thrive and support itself. With age, it is considered drought tolerant. The Bird of paradise is susceptible to root rot so avoid overwatering. 

Things that impact how much a plant costs


As with most things, the more popular something becomes, the higher the price rises. This is because of demand and supply.

The Bird of paradise remains a favorite amongst houseplant enthusiasts, which is one of the reasons it may be a bit steeper in price


Size no doubt plays a role. As with almost all plants, the bigger, the higher the price tag. Expect to pay more for a bigger Bird of paradise. 

Chances are you’re getting a more mature and established one. If you’re lucky and provide it with the correct care conditions, it may even reward you with vibrant blooms. 


Some plants are not native to some regions of the world and don’t have favorable conditions. In these circumstances, plants have to be imported from the plant’s native country of origin. If your Bird of paradise has been imported, you can almost guarantee a heftier tag.


Whether a plant is rare or not will influence how much it costs.

The Bird of paradise is not considered rare, however, some species are considered more rare than the popular reginae, although these aren’t typically grown indoors as houseplants. 

How much does a Bird of paradise cost?

A younger Bird of paradise will likely cost much less than a mature one. A plant under 30cm will typically cost you under $50. 

A plant that is above 1m will cost you around $150 or more. Plants that reach up to 1.2m or more start increasing steeply in price.

This is usually because they have a significant amount of foliage making them highly desirable along with their unusually large size. 

Plants taller than this can easily run you a couple of hundreds.

Prices may vary greatly based on region, availability, and climate.