Should I Mist my Bird of Paradise Plant? And How Often?

What is the purpose of misting a plant?

The purpose of misting one’s plant is to increase the humidity level. By misting your plant, you add moisture into the air, which raises the humidity levels.It’s also a great way to add some moisture to your soil.

How much humidity does the Bird of paradise need?

The Bird of paradise is a big humidity lover. While it will tolerate levels above 50%, if you can provide your plant with a humidity of up to 70%, it will thrive and produce healthy, glossy leaves.

Does the Bird of paradise like being misted?

The Bird of paradise loves warm, humid environments, so it will definitely appreciate being misted, especially during the winter when the air might be drier. 

If your plant shows signs of brown edges or dry, crinkling leaves, this is a sign your plant is lacking adequate humidity.

How do I mist my plant?

To mist your plant you’ll need to invest in a spray bottle. You can usually find these for quite cheap at your local convenience store. Where possible, fill your spray bottle with collected rainwater. If rainwater isn’t available, try making use of distilled water or tap water that has been allowed to sit out overnight.

Pull the trigger while moving the spray bottle back and forth, spraying the plant from above. Repeat this several times. 

How often should I mist my plant?

This is up to you. You can safely mist your Bird of paradise twice a week, morning or night, or both if you choose. If you are frequently misting your plant, ease up a bit on your watering schedule to avoid soggy soil.

Can I mist my plant too much?

Misting itself will not harm your plant, but each time you do, your soil will be slightly dampened. 

If you are frequently misting your plant, it may be a good idea to check your soil in between watering either using a finger or a moisture meter.

Other ways to increase humidity


Adding a humidifier near your plant is a great and effortless way to provide your plant with humidity. If you have a busy schedule or are forgetful, then adding a humidifier might be a better suited option for you.

Pebble tray

This may be impractical if your Bird of paradise is very large and hard to move. Pebbles are placed in a tray with shallow water. This then creates a humid environment for your plant.

Grouping plants together

Throughout the day, plants lose water through evaporation. The idea behind grouping houseplants together is that if all the evaporation is taking place in the same area of the room, the humidity will be raised surrounding the plants.