What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Bird of Paradise Plant?

The Bird of Paradise is a popular houseplant native to South Africa. Its popularity extends far beyond Africa and it is popular in Hawaii, where it has great cultural significance.

The plant also grows in Florida, where the climate is perfect for these warm, humid lovers. The plant even features as the official plant of Los Angeles.

A Sign of Freedom and Opportunity

The Strelitzia is sometimes referred to as a crane flower due to its appearance. The colorful flowers are held up by long, thin stems.

Commonly seen growing in clusters, these plants resemble a flock of colorful birds about to take flight. This is one of the reasons they are seen as a symbol of freedom and optimism for what is to come.

Additionally, South Africa has long been viewed as a land of opportunities. Before 1994, South Africa was segregated based on race.

After the abolishment of Apartheid, South Africa has undergone significant changes. This allowed greater freedom for all and thus gave rise to many new opportunities.

A sign of royalty

The Bird of paradise has long been associated with royalty, not only because of its big leaves and vibrant blooms, but also due to how it got its name.

The scientific name for a Bird of paradise is Strelitzia reginae. The genus was named by the director of the royal gardens, Sir Joseph Banks.

He named the Strelitzia after Queen Charlotte, the Duchess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.

It is said that the Queen was a great lover of plants and was often in the garden herself.

A sign of joy and excitement

The bright, bold orange often seen in the Strelitzia bloom is commonly associated with feelings of excitement, joy, and happiness.

A sign of paradise

Given how vibrant and eye-catching this plant is, there’s no surprise that it is also a symbol of paradise. The striking colors are a reminder of how lucky we are to have such a beautiful place to call home.

A sign of success

The Bird of paradise is commonly associated with success and overcoming challenges in life, making it the perfect gift for someone special who has just accomplished something.

The 9th wedding anniversary

The Strelitzia flower is often thought to represent great values like love and faithfulness, making it a perfect gift to give to your significant other for an anniversary or special occasion. In nature, most birds are monogamous.

The colorful bloom is seen as the 9th wedding anniversary gift for this reason.

Color meanings


Shades of red are often associated with love, fiery passion, and romance. The color red sends messages of affection, making it a great way to show someone you love and care for them.


Blue symbolizes trust and respect. The Bird of paradise makes a wonderful gift to someone very near and dear to your heart.


Orange is a symbol of optimism and, like red, passion. This is the overall meaning of the Bird of paradise bloom. It makes a great statement piece in any home, but also makes a great gift for someone special to you.


Green symbolizes nature and rejuvenation. It is associated with rebirth, renewal, and feeling reborn. It is also strongly associated with nature, as green is the dominant color of plants, trees, and grass, which make up our natural environment.

Symbolism in different cultures

The Bird of paradise makes up a significant part of the culture in Hawaii. The climate is perfect and you’ll find the Bird of paradise growing in abundance.

The name translates to “Little Globe” in Hawaiian. The plant symbolizes magnificence.

Folklore and medicinal uses

In its native South Africa, Bird of paradise is sometimes used to treat urinary tract infections (UTIs) and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

This is primarily used by people belonging to the Zulu tribe. The Zulu people are a Nguni ethnic group and make up the largest ethnic tribe living in South Africa.

It is used to treat inflamed glands and venereal diseases.

In addition to this, seeds from the Bird of paradise are also sometimes placed into milk to help it turn sour faster.

Although this is practiced even in modern times, it should not be used as an alternative to health care. Always follow advice from a licensed healthcare professional.