What is the Optimal Humidity for Bird of Paradise Plants?

The Bird of paradise is used to high humidity levels in its native South Africa. The Strelitzia grows well in both Hawaii and Florida, where the average humidity stays above 70% all year.

How much humidity does a Bird of paradise need?

The Bird of paradise will tolerate a humidity level of 50%. Ideally, you should keep your plant at a humidity level of between 60% and 70%.

The more humidity, the better, as this helps the plant produce those gorgeous, deep green leaves that they’re so admired for.

Ways to increase humidity 

If your plant is easily moveable, consider placing it in the bathroom with you when you shower. The steam from the shower will be a real treat for your plants.

Crowd your plants

As your plants are watered, they lose moisture through evaporation. The moisture content surrounding the plants is higher as a result. If you’re a keen collector of houseplants, it’s a perfect excuse to buy some more!

Add a humidifier

A humidifier can be a great way to provide your plants with humidity and benefit your household. If you live somewhere particularly cold and run a heating system often, this can suck the moisture out of the air, leaving it dry.

Placing a humidifier near your Bird of paradise can help it get some of that needed humidity.


Misting your plant has the same concept as grouping your plants. The idea is to raise the humidity surrounding your plant. There is some debate as to how effective this is, but this is something I routinely treat my plants to.

Adding a pebble tray

Adding a tray of water filled with pebbles can be a good way to increase your plant’s humidity, provided your plant is not too large. As your plant matures, this may become impractical due to size.

How to check humidity levels

To save yourself from guessing, you may want to invest in a hygrometer. A hygrometer is a little device that will determine the humidity level. This will help you to find the most appropriate spot to put your Strelitzia. 

Should humidity be kept constant all year?

The humidity should not necessarily be kept the same year-round. During the winter months, the air may be much drier. This will result in your plant needing access to a higher humidity level to keep it happy.

In conclusion

The large size of the Bird of paradise makes it stand out from most houseplants. However, to keep its foliage healthy, you’ll need to provide your plant with high humidity levels year-round to ensure healthy, glossy leaves.