How do you Treat Fungus on Bird of Paradise?

The Bird of paradise is a low-fuss, high-impact houseplant that can add a tropical flare to any room.

What causes fungal leaf spot?

Fungal disease usually occurs when excess moisture has been present in the soil for an extended period of time. The good news is that, with a bit of extra help, your plant should make a full recovery if treated.

Identifying spots

Spots may appear on your leaves in various shapes, colors, and sizes. Some spots may appear circular, while others are more irregularly shaped. The spots can be yellow, brown, or gray with a brown border. The size of the blemishes can range from 0.1 cm to 2 cm.

Signs your Bird of paradise is dealing with a fungal infection

Due to fungal infections being caused by excessive moisture in the soil, the symptoms are the same as you would expect in the presence of root rot. They are as follows:

How to contain the spread of fungus

If you should find your Bird of paradise suffering from a suspected fungal infection, then like most things, taking action as soon as possible is the best course of action.

Steps to disinfect and repot your Bird of paradise

  1. Remove any infected leaves from your plant using a pair of sterilized garden shears or a sharp knife. When dealing with an infection, it is especially important to sanitize to avoid cross-contamination down the road.
  2. Remove your Bird of paradise from its container and shake as much soil off the roots as possible. Any dead or dying roots should be removed from your plant.
  3. Dip your plants’ roots in a fungicide. This is an important step as it will help to kill any pathogens lurking on the roots.
  4. Rinse your plants’ containers well with hot water and soap. It is important to do this so that bacteria is not left sitting in the pot, as it could be reintroduced to your plant if not cleaned out.
  5. Using fresh potting soil, repot your Bird of paradise. Be sure to use well-drained soil to avoid excess moisture remaining in the soil. Consider adding perlite or bark to help with drainage and aeration. This will decrease the risk of your Bird of paradise suffering from leaf spot again.

In conclusion

After your plant has been repotted, it may experience some stress and wilt slightly. This should improve within 2 weeks.

You should regularly inspect your plant each time you water it. This will help you spot any signs of pests sooner rather than later.