How to Grow a Bird of Paradise from Bulbs?

Can you grow a Bird of paradise from a bulb?

No, Strelitzias do not have any bulbs. Their root system is made up of rhizomes which can be sliced in order to easily propagate.

What is a bulb?

A bulb is a structure that resembles an onion. It consists of layers of very thin leaves. Its purpose is to store food for the plant. The bulbs are sometimes seen with little roots growing directly underneath them.

The protective layer surrounding the bulb is called a tunic. Its texture is dry and rough.

What is a rhizome?

Rhizomes expand laterally. They are responsible for stabilizing and storing nutrients and water. Rhizomes play a vital role in propagation as a piece that has been sliced is still able to produce new shoots. This is useful because a single plant can easily be used to make multiples.