Artificial Bird of Paradise – Real vs Fake Plant?

There’s no doubt a Bird of paradise is one of the most unique houseplants out there.

With its unusually large foliage and brightly colored blooms, it’s no surprise that this plant remains at the top of so many wishlists. 

All plants come with challenges. Some can seemingly survive on pure neglect, while others die if you just look at them wrong.

The Bird of paradise causes a minimal fuss, but its size can be a real obstacle when deciding if a Bird of paradise is right for you. Below, we’ll explore the pros and cons of real, vs fake plants.

Advantages of owning a real Bird of Paradise

It cleans the air

One of the main attractions when it comes to houseplants is their ability to clean the air. They remove CO2 and replace it with fresh O2.

Lowers stress

Plants have been found to have a calming effect. Surrounding oneself with them reduces anxiety and can promote productivity. 

Adds humidity to the air

Adding plants to your home can increase the humidity levels. This is great news for those suffering from dry skin. Higher humidity levels can also help you if you have breathing issues. 

Advantages of owning an artificial Bird of paradise


When it comes to an artificial plant, there’s no need to worry about accidentally over-watering your plant, or some pest infestation. This is a great option if you have a busy schedule or are forgetful.

No additional expenses

You’ll need to factor in extra expenses when dealing with a real plant. Think proper potting soil, perlite, garden tools, pesticides, and fertilizers. All of these can add up and cause a hefty bill at the end of the day. 


If you have severe allergies, then an artificial plant may be a great option as it is unlikely to irritate you.

Blooms all the time

A fan of the flowers? An artificial plant gives you the option to have beautiful blooms displayed year-round in your house. What a luxury!


The Bird of paradise is toxic to all our furry friends as well as humans. If you have curious toddlers or pets that enjoy a good munch on the plants, then an artificial plant is the best option available.

Disadvantages of owning a real plant


Sometimes, regardless of the care given, plants fall victim to pests and the Bird of paradise is no exception. While these require input from your side, most are a simple fix.

It needs specific conditions

Certain plants have different requirements to thrive. Sometimes, depending on where you live, it may be almost impossible to meet these requirements.

Extra costs

Besides the purchase of the plant, you’ll also need to buy shears for pruning, fertilizers, and pesticides. You may also want to invest in accessories, such as gardening gloves.

It requires periodic attention

Unlike fake plants, real plants will need you to keep them alive. This may not be fantastic if you have a busy schedule, or don’t particularly enjoy caring for houseplants.

Disadvantages of owning a fake plant

It doesn’t clean the air

One of the biggest appeals when it comes to houseplants is the fact that they are able to purify the air. Artificial plants are unable to do this.

May fade fast

Fake plants are prone to becoming brittle and fading with time. This can cause them to become unattractive, or break all together.

Requires regular dusting

Unfortunately, artificial plants are prone to collecting dust. You will need to regularly dust them to avoid it building up on the leaves which can make the plant look dirty and unattractive.

Looks fake

Many houseplants, especially those of a lower quality appear visibly fake.These can sometimes make a space look worse.

If you don’t have any affordable realistic-looking plants available, consider caring for a real one.

In conclusion

While watching new leaves unfurl might be rewarding, if space or the safety of your pets is a concern, then purchasing an artificial plant may be the safest way to achieve that tropical flare you’re looking for.