Bird of Paradise Plants Around Pools – Is That a Good Idea?

The Bird of paradise is a showstopper, whether grown outdoors or indoors. It produces beautiful, glossy leaves and colorful, dramatic blooms that resemble birds in flight. It’s popular for its hardiness and the tropical vibe it adds to any space.

Can a Bird of paradise be grown around a pool?

Yes! In fact, when it comes to adding some greenery around the pool, Bird of paradise is one of the most commonly used plants in landscaping. We’ll look at some of the reasons that make it a great option.

Simple to cultivate

The Bird of paradise is not a fussy plant. To have a happy plant, provide it with lots of light, keep it warm, and don’t overwater it.

If you live somewhere that experiences temperatures below zero, you may want to consider growing your Strelitzia in a container so that you can move it indoors during the colder months.


The Bird of paradise, particularly the Strelitzia nicolai, is a fast grower. This means it’s a great option if you would like to create some privacy surrounding your pool. 

It does not drop leaves

It is possibly one of the most important considerations when choosing a plant to surround your pool. The Bird of paradise is known to hold onto its leaves for months at a time.

Even once the leaves have begun to die and brown, the plant will not drop them. Instead, they must be cut off. This makes them a great option as it involves minimal clean up.

Splash resistant

The Bird of paradise is a hardy plant. While some plants may not be able to tolerate being splashed with pool water, the Bird of paradise will be able to withstand being misted with pool water on occasion.

Downsides to Bird of paradise surrounding pools

Like with all things ,there are some downsides when it comes to choosing the Bird of paradise.

Strong roots

The Strelitzia has some fast-growing and strong roots. They can easily pull up paving or crack your pool wall, so you’ll want to keep this in mind. Consider planting your Bird of paradise in a container if you have a narrow space to work with.

Needs shelter

If your pool area receives a lot of wind, then choosing a Bird of paradise may not be the best option. They are particularly fussy when it comes to wind, and the leaves may split excessively over time, making them look ragged and untidy.

In conclusion

The Bird of paradise makes a fantastic option for adding some greenery to any poolside. Place it somewhere that receives lots of light, is sheltered from any strong drafts, and provide regular watering to make your backyard feel like a tropical paradise.